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    Pots have become the new “black”!

    Pots have become the main accessory now overtaking or dominating the actual plant. This is true nowadays because these accessories have become a fashion statement due to the great new designs, shapes and colours.The new trend nowadays is to have tall pots and shorter trees.

    Pots Online has a huge variety of stunning pots/plant containers to suit any and every environment. We can offer you slick high gloss fiberglass, stainless steel, Perspex, mild steel powder coated, terra cotta and glazed ceramic. You can choose styles from modern pots, to classic pots to urns and an extensive range of stainless steel potsPots Online will match the right pot to your space to create a beautiful design for you.

    Browse through our shop to find the perfect pot that speaks to you…

    You can either select to collect your garden pots from our Braynston Mia Bella Showroom or you can opt to  have your pot plant delivered to your door.

    Enter The Awesomeness

    Our Divisions

    Distinctive Designs group has 4 divisions, namely:

    Distinctive Gardens
    Distinctive Interiors
    Distinctive Pots
    Distinctive Silks
    Distinctive Gardens

    From pots and plants, to hard and soft landscaping elements, to troughs and enchanted water features and sculptures, to incredible art pieces and benches, we offer it all. Distinctive Gardens embraces effortless adaptation in meeting our customers’ desired environment and delivering an end product that will perfectly suit our customers needs.

    • Garden Walls
    • Decking
    • Garden Design
    • Irrigation
    • Maintenance
    • Retaining walls
    • Accessories
    • Garden Clean Ups
    • Project Management
    • Sub-soil Drainage
    Distinctive Interiors

    Our signature design style layers contemporary textures with cutting-edge furniture, luxuriant fabrics, decorative patterns and unusual objèts d’art. With our profound respect for architectural structure and detailing, Distinctive Interior Designs Group’s interiors are harmonious and inviting, never intimidating, and always liveable.

    Our projects range from suburban family homes and apartments to holiday homes, hotels, bars, lounges, restaurants and executive offices for clients all over the globe

    • Receptions, Offices & Boardrooms
    • Corporate Furnishings & Space Planning
    • Hotels, Casino’s, Guest Houses and Lodges
    • Restaurant, Bar, Club and Lounge Renovations
    • Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling
    • Fireplace, Built-ins, and Custom Cabinets
    • Furnishings & Space Planning
    • Window Treatment, Painting, Wallpaper, & Flooring
    • Furniture, Accessories and Artwork
    • Procurement and Installation
    Distinctive Pots

    We at Distinctive Pots understand everyone’s personal taste in design and accommodate our clients with a wide range of pots that will not only suite your taste and space but budget.

    • Modern Pots
    • Classic Pots
    • Urns
    • Steel Pots
    • Light Pots
    • Troughs
    Distinctive Silks

    The most significant advantage of artificial plants is that they can be custom-made to suit any unique requirement. In addition to this, they eliminate problems associated with live plants such as damage to carpets, untidiness, thinning of branches and continual maintenance. As they do not require external service teams, fake plants are less of a security risk than live plants. Interestingly, the exact design or specification can be created instantly.

    Silk plants are fast becoming a popular alternative to live plants, and this is largely due to their authenticity. If you would like to find out more about our silk plant designs or how we could create unique, aesthetically pleasing artificial plants and trees for your environment, contact us today.

    • The finest quality silk plants, trees and creepers
    • The most realistic silk flowers and flower arrangements
    • Cost effective silk arrangements and flower arrangements
    • Complete range of preserved plants
    • The most convincing faux plants and vegetables